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Halibut and Spinach Wrapped in Phyllo Pastry

Halibut and Spinach Wrapped in Phyllo Pastry

Cooking fish in phyllo pastry keeps it moist. Serving it with a divine cream sauce makes it taste even better. If that sounds appealing, “dig in.” 


Dig In

Can everyone cook? That’s a question I’ve been asked frequently since I published the first cookbook in my Everyone Can Cook series in 2003. More than nine years later, and seven books into the series, my response to that query has remained the same: Yes, they can!

To me, it’s not whether or not you can cook; it’s whether or not you have the desire, the confidence and the inspiration to do so. If you have those traits, learning to cook, or improving the cooking skills you already have, can be a very tasty experience.

If you don’t have those traits, I hope that my cookbooks and this website will help you develop them. But I’m also writing for those of you who already enjoy cooking, but are seeking a reliable source of straightforward but delicious recipes, great cooking tips and other practical culinary information. See "What's Cooking" below for links to my recent newspaper columns, recipes and other exploits.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Eric Akis

What's Cooking

Vampires and garlic    |    October, 2014    |    Food articles and recipes

Good day! In my latest Victoria Times Colonist newspaper column I explain why European legend suggests garlic will keep vampires away from your neck. And to doubly make sure that happens I've also published two garlic rich recipe you coukld at a Halloween or other party. To read the story click timescolonist.com


Schnitzels and toppings

On October 22 I published a tasty column that offered recipes to make and top a schnitzel. To read the story click here timescolonist.com

About wild rice

My October 15 Victoria Times Colonist article was all about wild rice, a food that is not actually rice at all. To read that story and to find recipes using wild rice in a soup and pilaf, click here timescolonist.com

Tips on buying nuts

My October 1 story in the Victoria Times Colonist answered a reader's question about buying and storing nuts. It also offered two tasty recipes to use nuts. To read the story click here timescolonist.com


 Thrifty Foods Recipes

I create recipes for Thrifty Foods; a fine-quality British Columbia-based supermarket chain. On the menu this week are recipe perfect for autumn and Halloween. They include pumpkin spice latte; cauldron of vegetarian chili; mini cheeseball pumpkins; and a Skewered New York Steak with Garlicky Mayo. To view those recipes click here thriftyfoods.com.