Schnitzel Night In Canada

| October, 2014 | Food articles and recipes

Hello everyone! My lastest newsaper column offers tasty recipes to make and top a schnitzel. To read the story click here

About wild rice

My October 15 Victoria Times Colonist article was all about wild rice, a food that is not actually rice at all. To read that story and to find recipes using wild rice in a soup and pilaf, click here

Tips on buying nuts

My October 1 story in the Victoria Times Colonist answered a reader's question about buying and storing nuts. It also offered two tasty recipes to use nuts. To read the story click here

Risotto 101

My October 1, column in the Times Colonist offered great tips on making that famed Italian rice dish, risotto. The story also includes a fine recipe for risotto and you can see it here


If you love seafood simmered in a delicious broth you'll have to check out my September 24 column on that famed San Francisco dish cioppino. I've come up with a great recipe for it and you can see it here

 Thrifty Foods Recipes

I create recipes for Thrifty Foods; a fine-quality British Columbia-based supermarket chain. On the menu this week are recipe perfect for autumn. They include pork pot roast; pasta with pumpkin; slow cooker goulash; and quinoa soup with squash and pesto. To view those recipes click here