Quiche me

Victoria Times Colonist | March, 2014 | Food column

Hello! My latest newspaper column intructs on how to make the perfect quiche, with tips on making a silky egg filling and ultra flaky crust. The quiche recipe I provide would be nice to serve for Easter brunch or lunch. To see the story click here timescolonist.com


About asparagus

In my April 9 column I've provided a guide to white and green aspargus and used them in three recipes, including a divine soup, lovley side dish, and wonderful risotto for two with prawns. To see that story click here timescolonist.com


Cooking with stinging nettles

My April 2 article in the Victoria Times Colonist was all about stinging nettles. It's a wild green that one can easily harvest that loses its sting once cooked. If you'd liked to learn all you need to know about them and find some inviting recipes, click here timescolonist.com.


Peanut butter and jelly

In my March 25 newspaper column I examined how peanut butter and jelly sandwiches became so popular. I also note that the combination tastes great in other creations, such as peanut butter and jelly cupcakes, which I provided a recipe for. To read the story online, click here timescolonist.com


Chicken and waffles

In my newspaper column March 19, I wrote about that quirky, but tasty combination: chicken and waffles. The dish has an interesting history and if you would like to learn about it and find some recipes for it, click here timescolonist.com


Porterhouse Steak for Two

In my May 12 column I offered a delicious way to turn a juicy porterhouse steak into a sumptious dinner for two. The column also offered tips on how to test the steak for doneness and how to make a fine sauce for it. To read the story, click timescolonist.com


Grapefruit 101

My Wednesday, March 5 newspaper column in Victoria Times Colonist is all about grapefruit, from where it was first grown, to how it was named, to inviting ways to use it, including three recipes. To read the story click here timescolonist.com


Thrifty Foods Recipes

I create recipes for Thrifty Foods; a fine-quality British Columbia-based supermarket chain. On the menu this week are spinach and feta filo strudel; almond and raisin rice pilaf; Greek-style potatoes; and strawberries with ouzo, strawberries and mint. To view those recipe click here thriftyfoods.com.