Ribs and sides

Victoria Times Colonist | July, 2014 | Food column

Good day everyone! My latest Victoria Times Colonist newspaper column offers a long weekend feast that include recipes for succulent pork back ribs and side dishes to serve with them. If that sounds appealing, you can read the story by clicking here timescolonist.com


Go for Gazpacho

My July 23 newspaper column was on that cool and tangy Spanish-style soup gazpacho. To learn about the history of this soup and to find recipes for red and white versions of it, click here timescolonist.com


Cool Seafood

In my July16 newspaper column I featured cool and tasty recipes using seafood that would be perfect to serve on hot summer day. The recipes include a Mexican-style shrimp cocktail, a cool mussel appetizer topped with crab, and a salmon main-course dish paired with a creamy potato salad. To read that story click here timescolonist.com


Tasty Tapenade

My newspaper July 9 was about the tasty French spread tapenade. In the story I let you know about the history of the dish and provide the great recipes for making it. To see the story click here timecolonist.com


Cookbook reviews and coleslaw

Good day! Last week I published two new newspaper column's. One is a story rich with tasty and inventive coleslaw recipes. The other story in comprised of reviews of four new culinary books and it inlcudes recipes from three of those books. To read either story click here timescolonist.com


Thrifty Foods Recipes

I create recipes for Thrifty Foods; a fine-quality British Columbia-based supermarket chain. On the menu this week are cool summer salads and dressings. They include West Cobb Salad; Chickpea Tuna Salad with Spinach; Greek-style Pasta Salad; and Buttermilk Dressinh with Honey, Mustard and Tarragon. To view those recipes click here thriftyfoods.com.