Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations: Seasonal Recipes for Festive Occasions

Whether it’s a Thanksgiving feast with family, a Super Bowl party with friends, or a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two, everyone loves a celebration. But for the host, it’s often stressful to plan and execute the meal. How do you know how much to make?  How do you time everything so it’s all ready at the same time? And, most importantly, how do you do all this while still finding the time to visit with guests?
Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations puts the ease and fun back into hosting with over 140 easy-to-follow recipes and 29 menus designed to take the stress out of preparing delicious meals for special occasions.
Broken down by season, Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations consists of varied menus made with ingredients readily available at your local grocery store. Almost all of Eric’s tempting recipes can be partially or totally prepared in advance, making a multi-dish meal easier to pull together when it's time to serve. The book also includes many helpful sidebars with information such as how to roast a turkey (for beginners), tips for hosting large dinner parties, and how to serve sparkling wine.
Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations will leave cooks of all skill levels free to enjoy themselves, without the stress that often comes with preparing festive meals. Celebrate by serving great recipes like:

  • Make-Ahead Eggs Benedict for Easter Brunch
  • Smoky Glazed Barbecued Ham for a Backyard Father’s Day Feast
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake with Marzipan Jack-o’-Lanterns for Halloween
  • Turkey Tourtière with Yams and Cranberries for Christmas Eve Dinner
  • Shrimp Cocktail Canapés for a Retro New Year’s Eve Dinner for Six