Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals: Recipes for Cooks on the Run

Preparing tasty and healthy home-cooked meals during the busy workweek is a constant challenge for home cooks. Many default to ready-made meals from the supermarket that are too often sodium-saturated, fat-filled, highly processed with too many preservatives, and far too expensive. I meet this challenge in Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals by offering dozens of easy-to-follow recipes packed with healthy ingredients for classic family fare and even innovative dishes inspired by global cuisine. Designed to make mealtime as stress-free as possible, these simple, yet delicious dishes are either straightforward enough to be whipped up quickly after work, or easily made in advance and then reheated. Recipes in the book include:

  • One-pan family breakfast
  • Quick tomato soup with pesto and feta
  • Skillet mac and cheese
  • Baked fish with sweet chili citrus glaze
  • Quick chicken stew for two
  • Thin crust tortilla pizza
  • Moist and Delicious One Pan Chocolate Cake