Everyone Can Cook Slow Cooker Meals

“If you still doubt that slow cookers can turn out top-quality meals, Akis will convert you with the latest volume of his kitchen staple series, Everyone Can Cook. As usual, he offers up recipes that appeal to the new, as well as the knowledgeable cook, with an emphasis on impressive and creative side dishes to tart up the humble slow cooker meal.”


Liane Faulder, food writer, The Edmonton Journal


 “Eric Akis is Canada's most talented food journalist, a man whose skills aren't just in creating beautiful-looking recipes, but in creating recipes that we love, we crave and we return to again and again.”

"Anyone who cooks and eats in Canada should have Eric's cookbooks in their kitchen. From weekday dinners to big holiday gatherings, he knows the secrets to making every meal a delicious success."


Shelley Boettcher, food and wine writer, Calgary Herald


 "These recipes will have you daydreaming about dinner, not dreading it. Eric Akis is a name I have come to trust in my kitchen because he understands how I cook and how busy life is some days. In the end this is healthy comfort food the family will love that's suitable for company."


 Jo-Ann Roberts, Host, All Points West, CBC Radio One


Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations: Seasonal Recipes for Festive Occasions

Whether it’s for a big family gathering or an intimate evening, Eric Akis provides enticing new recipes or modern twists on old favourites, and then guides you through menus with helpful tips and make-ahead advice. Getting together over good food couldn’t be easier or more delicious. I can’t wait to start planning parties with Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations.
Rose Murray, prize-winning author of ten cookbooks, the most recent A Taste of Canada: A Culinary Journey

From elegant holiday dishes served on the good china to finger food devoured at sporting celebrations, Eric Akis brings flair to every recipe. His newest cookbook, which is all about celebrations made easy, has something for cooks at every level. Beautifully photographed, logically ordered and filled with easy-to-follow recipes that take the stress out of special occasions, Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations reminds me why I am such a fan of Eric Akis.
Juanita Ng, Food Editor, The Vancouver Sun

"Eric Akis has always created delicious, easy-to-follow recipes. In this book, he turns recipes from meals into celebrations. As always, Eric takes the mystery out of cooking, with clear directions and lots of helpful hints."
Bruce MacKenzie, Features Editor, Victoria Times Colonist

I’m a huge fan of Eric’s recipes. Even before I cook one, I know that it will be simple to cook, turn out beautifully, and taste great. Eric is a cookbook author that will inspire you with confidence.
Karen Barnaby, Best-selling author and Executive Chef of the Fish House in Stanley Park

This former chef and one-time Quebecer has topped his list of successful, user-friendly cookbooks with a collection of 140 recipes for parties of various types and sizes. Familiar to Gazette readers because his articles in the Victoria Times Colonist travel east over the Canwest News Service, Akis has tailored his interesting, international cuisine to remove the stress of entertaining with 29 carefully planned menus. Most recipes can be prepared partly or completely in advance, so the cook can attend the party. Tips about variations, preparation and cooking times accompany each dish, and many are handsomely illustrated. Akis only gets better.
Julian Armstrong, Montreal Gazette

From the Victoria food writer and former chef who brought your other Everyone Can Cook books, the latest in his series takes the anxiety out of hosting get-togethers by setting his sights on festive events from Thanksgiving dinner to Mother's Day brunch, from elegant dishes to finger food.With 140 easy-to-follow recipes and 29 suggested menus, everything can be made with readily available ingredients. In many cases, components of the dish or entire recipes can be made ahead to ensure your dinner occasion is as stress-free as possible. There are some lovely colour photos, but not extravagantly so. Each menu item also offers handy "Eric's options" suggesting corners that can be cut, or ingredient variations and substitutions to make the dish your own. This is a book that will instill confidence among novices.
Ron Eade, Ottawa Citizen

The positive reaction that Victoria chef Eric Akis gets from the readers of his weekly food column on building menus around special holidays was the incentive for his latest cookbook.  "Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day, people want great-tasting recipes that are easy to follow," says the 48-year-old author of "Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations" (Whitecap, $24.95, paperback).  Akis, a chef for 25 years and columnist for 12 years at the city's daily newspaper the Times-Colonist, has added this fifth book in his hugely successful "Everyone Can Cook" series.  "There are 29 menus in this book and 140 recipes which can be made partially or totally in advance as well as side tips offering suggestions on everything from roasting a turkey to how to get the top off a bottle of sparkling wine," he says.  He gives his readers guidelines about where to go to can find special ingredients.  For wine and cheese parties, Akis explains how much cheese one should buy depending on the number of guests to whether it's a good idea to use the same knife to cut the goat cheese and the blue cheese. His response to that is to provide a different knife for each type of cheese to avoid having the flavours intermingle.  Akis suggests recipes in his menus for all kinds of celebrations. These include a Turkey Tourtière for Christmas Eve dinner, Smoky Glazed Barbecued Ham for a Father's Day feast or a Chinese New Year dinner buffet with Emerald and White Jade Soup.
Judy Creighton, The Canadian Press

Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals: Recipe for Cooks on the Run

Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals was reviewed on the informative, food-filled website www.sevenspoons.net. This lengthy and concise review, among other things, compares my book to Delia Smith's tome, Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking. You can read the review at http://www.sevenspoons.net/2008/08/quick-fixes-for-dinner-reviewing-how-to.html

During the promotion of Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals, the folks at www.dabbler.ca shot a video of me describing what the book is all about that includes me preparing tasty shrimp fajitas. It is now posted on youtube and you can view it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh-zdtk46io

This is a valuable and entertaining addition to Eric Akis' ever-growing series of Everyone Can Cook... books. Like the others, the writing style is friendly and the recipes one are easy, simple and wholly enticing.
Dan Kislenko, The Hamilton Spectator

Easy to navigate with family-friendly recipes, Eric's Akis' excellent Everyone Can Cook Midweek Meals should be a staple in everyone's kitchen pantry.
Rita DeMontis, corporate food editor, Sun Media

Do you know what’s in that meatball? With Eric Akis’ help, you will and your family will be healthier for it. Even the most time-challenged and inexperienced cook will find much inspiration here.
Renee Blackstone, Food & Wine Editor, The Province

Eric Akis is my kind of Superman. In his latest recipe collection, he offers more than the straight-forward and clearly explained food we have come to expect of him. He serves it all forth with genuine good will and wry humour, the telltale heart of a true Clark Kent beneath the cape. With this culinary crusader’s gentle guidance, we all can cook.
dee Hobsbawn-Smith, The Curious Cook, Calgary

Everyone Can Cook Appetizers: Over 100 Tasty Bites

“No cookbooks in my collection are more dogeared than Everyone Can Cook and Everyone Can Cook Seafood. Thank you, Eric, for dishing up this brilliant new volume of appetizers and tantalizing our taste buds once again!”
Elizabeth Levinson, award -winning author and columnist for Focus Magazine

“The real joy of food is sharing. In his latest book, Eric continues his tradition of sharing creative, elegant and real food recipes. I predict many happy parties and family gatherings will be fuelled by this delicious book.”
Bill Jones, chef, author, and food consultant

“From casual to formal, Eric Akis takes the stress out of entertaining with this delectable new collection of easy recipes that really work.”
Cynthia David, contributing writer, Food & Drink Magazine

“Let the parties begin. Eric’s new book is an exciting collection of approachable, easy-to-prepare appetizers, with great serving ideas. I can’t wait for the next request to come my way . . . Oh, just bring an appetizer!”
Gail Norton , co -owner, the Cookbook Co. and publisher of Calgary ’s City Palate Magazine

Everyone Can Cook Seafood

“Eric’s creative and straight forward recipes make me want to invite friends over for seafood - - tonight!”
Ron Eade, Food Editor, Ottawa Citizen

“This book is a celebration of our oceans' bounty, well researched, and beautifully executed. Eric Akis is a home cook who knows how to write a recipe the way home cooks like. They are uncomplicated, easy to understand, and make the main ingredient (seafood) the "star". Bravo Eric!”
Karl Wells, Food Chain, CBC Country Canada Channel

“With the longest coastline on earth, it’s odd that a definitive Canadian seafood book has not been written before now. Well, the wait if over….this is IT!”
Anita Stewart, Author & Culinary Activist

“Eric teaches us how to jump right in when it comes to cooking seafood. He makes cooking seafood easy. But most important, the recipes are reliable and always turn out.”
Carolyn Heiman, Features Editor, Victoria Times Colonist

“So, you love seafood and order it all the time when you're out. But at home you're not so sure about how to choose and cook fish. Eric Akis has the answers with buying and substituting tips and tempting recipes that run the range from Tuesday supper to special occasions. Enjoying seafood has never been more inviting - or approachable.”
Elizabeth Baird, Food & Nutrition Editor, Canadian Living Magazine
Host, Canadian Living Cooks

Everyone Can Cook

“This collection of lively, user-friendly recipes makes me want to start cooking at once.”
Julian Armstrong, food editor, The Gazette, Montréal

“Eric is a lively, talented food writer who gives our readers recipes that are easily made—and are simply delicious.”
Barb Wilkinson, features editor, Edmonton Journal

“Our readers look to Eric for dependable recipes that have flair and he delivers every time.”
Carolyn Heiman, features editor , Victoria Times Colonist

“Eric Akis is a fine chef who understands simplicity and finesse in cooking. His book is modern home cooking, with easy-to-make recipes that are honest, free-wheeling, and mouth-watering. It is the perfect kitchen companion. Keep it by your stove and refer to it often!”
Gary Hynes, Editor, Eat Magazine

“I will be reaching for Everyone Can Cook just as I reach for my favourite cooking pot. Now I can throw away my tattered collection of Eric’s columns. It is user friendly and the results are delicious—the perfect combination.”
Noel Richardson, bestselling food writer and co-owner of Ravenhill Farm

“I've used this book regularly for over a year. Everything has turned out. I am a cookbook junkie, but this is one of the books I use, not just 'read'. I particularly love the roasted vegetables with chicken, lemon and artichoke hearts - Have gotten great compliments.”
Alice J. Campbell, "cookbook junkie," Calgary